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Conversation for the real world

Have real conversations without buying a plane ticket.

Everyone knows travel and immersion in a local culture are the best ways to learn a language. We can’t book your flight, but we’ll let you practice hundreds of conversations as if you were abroad. You’ll absorb grammar easily while learning to speak like a local.

Simple words ≠ useless words 

No more ABCs and 123s. We're skipping a few grades. 

Many language courses start with “simple” words, but let’s face it: “coffee” and “wine” are way more useful than “dog” and “blue”. Instead of learning words you won't use, focus on relevant words for situations like the Café, Hotel, Restaurant, and more.

Channel your inner jetsetter

Don’t just learn a language; use it in the real world.

Whether you’re traveling for business, going on vacation, or moving to a new city, we’re giving you everything you need to have real conversations abroad. We're changing the way people think about learning languages – why not join the crew?