How to say "I Love You" in Italian

Italian is the language of love and everything about Italy screams romance. If you ever find yourself wanting to proclaim your love for someone in Italian, here's the best way to go about it:

The most straightforward way to say 'I love you' in Italian is:

Ti amo

amo = I love
ti amo = I love you

Doesn't matter if you're male or female or who you're saying it to – it doesn't change. It's also easy to say:

tee ah-mo

How to respond when some hotties tells you "I love you"? Don't worry, we've got you covered:

I love you too
Anch'io ti amo
an-kee-oh tee ah-moh
I love you too, baby (said to a man)
Anch'io ti amo caro
an-kee-oh tee ah-moh kah-roh
I love you too, baby (said to a woman)
Anch'io ti amo cara
an-kee-oh tee ah-moh kah-rah


If the feeling isn't mutual, we suggest running. We've also had great success with saying the following:

Sorry, you're not my type!
Non sei il mio tipo, mi dispiace!
non sey il mee-oh tee-poh, mee dees-pya-chey


Ti amo is used specifically for romantic love. If you want to express your love for someone who you're not trying to take out on a date you should say:

Ti voglio bene

Voglio = I want
Ti voglio = I want you
Bene = good

"Ti voglio bene" directly translates as "I want you a lot," but the general sentiment is "I care for you". So you'll hear mom saying it to their kids, friends saying to it friends, and even dog lovers to their pups.

Here are some more expressions of love and adoration that you can use to score your next date:

My love/my darling
Amore mio
ah-moh-reh mee-oh
I love you my darling
Ti amo, amore mio
tee ah-moh, ah-moh-reh mee-oh
I think of you always
Ti penso sempre
tee pen-so sem-pre
I miss you
Mi manchi
mee man-kee
I'm passionate about you
(by a man)
Sono pazzo di te
sono pah-tzo dee teh
I'm passionate about you
(by a woman)
Sono pazza di te
sono pah-tza dee teh
You're the love of my life
Sei l'amore della mia vita
sey la-moh-reh dela mee-ah vee-ta
I adore you
Ti adoro
tee ah-doh-ro
I want to be with you forever
Voglio stare con te per sempre
vol-yo sta-reh kon teh per sem-preh
Kiss me
Hug me
You are everything to me
Sei tutto per me
sey too-toh per meh
I am yours
(to a man)
Io sono tuo 
ee-oh sono too-oh
I am yours
(to a woman)
Io sono tua
ee-oh sono too-ah
I'd do anything for you!
Per te farei di tutto!
per teh far-eh dee too-toh
You're the love of my life
Sei il grande amore della mia vita
sey il gran-deh ah-moh-reh dela mee-ah vee-tah


And finally, one more for the dramatically inclined:

Without you, life has no meaning.
Senza di te, la vida non ha più senso
sen-tza dee teh la vee-tah non ah per senso