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Learn how to speak Chinese by focusing on everyday conversation.

Learn how to speak Chinese (Mandarin) by focusing on everyday conversation.

Want to learn Chinese? With Smigin, you’ll learn how to speak Chinese by focusing on real conversation instead of verbs and grammar.

Learning Chinese will be easier than you thought. Smigin’s Chinese language course guides you step-by-step through words and phrases you’ll actually use in everyday situations and locations. From bargaining in China’s bustling shopping markets to ordering green tea in ancient tea parlors, Smigin’s unique Chat feature will prepare you to have conversations that don’t make you seem like the "annoying tourist". If that’s not enough motivation to try Smigin, then maybe you should try going to China without knowing conversational Chinese… 

With our Chinese (Mandarin) course, you will:

  • Learn Chinese expressions and idioms you won’t find in other Chinese classes
  • Practice Chinese conversation
  • Learn 500+ Chinese words that you can use in everyday interactions
  • Learn 250+ useful phrases and learn Chinese grammar effortlessly
  • Watch 100+ HD videos shot on location in Spain to add cultural context to what you learn
  • Study Chinese (Mandarin) anytime, anywhere, on any desktop or mobile browser

Smigin's online language course is in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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